25 Incredible Pics That Will Make You Look Twice To Understand What You’re Seeing

Written by Providr Contributor

I wonder what it is I’m looking at here, could it be the thing I initially think it is? Is that cloud in the sky ACTUALLY a cow, or am I just imagining it? Well, I’m here to separate fact from fiction and sprinkle truth flakes all over your silly little world.

If you’re wondering which of the two options I present for a photo is the right one, it’s probably the less ridiculous one.

Anyways, let’s dive into 25 Incredible Pics That Will Make You Look Twice To Understand What You’re Seeing.

1. Rock formation or Ship? Wow, look at the size of that ship made of rock! How does it float, I don’t know much about rocks but I’m fairly sure they sink! Just kidding, it’s obviously a rock formation.

2. Lobster in a bucket or interstellar beast from beyond the stars? WOW! Look at the SIZE of that thing! Who would’ve thought a creature so large and terrifying could even exist, let alone in a place where we could see it. Haha, gotcha again, it WAS a lobster in a bucket!

3. UFO or a light reflection? Wow, I didn’t know aliens had visited us, humans! You’d think there would be more about it on the news, but it’s probably mean old Uncle Sam repressing the alien-related news again. Zoop! Gotcha again! It’s just a dumb light reflection.

4. Fireworks or a nebula? Ah, the universe is such a majestic and beautiful place. Since the dawn of man, the stars have astounded, confused and awed us. I imagine early mankind looking up at the night sky with the same wonder that fills me when I look at this picture of… FIREWORKS! BOOM PSYCHE!

5. Picture of a window into the outback? Wow, that’s suck a lifelike painting! So detailed and wonderfully colored, which artist could paint such a masterpiece? How about MOTHER NATURE, because it’s totally a window!

6. Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia or a painting? This… wow, this really isn’t a painting? Wow, it’s gorgeous… er, I mean, wow what a beautiful painting! What artist could… darn, the joke is already ruined.

7. Cityscape or Japanese cemetery? The Japanese are incredibly efficient and their cities are something to be admired. Don’t forget that it was them who had the trains running again 24 hours after they had bombs dropped on them. No, I’m just kidding again, this is actually just a cemetery.

8. The gigantic wave or cloud? Woah! Hey, get out of there guys! Looks like a tsunami is coming your way! Quick, somebody call tsunami relief… or maybe they should call cloud relief because it’s actually a cloud! Boom, bet you feel pretty dumb.

9. An apartment I can’t afford or the inside of a guitar? Look at the size of that apartment! Surely it would be too expensive for a lowly writer like me to afford unless of course I just go to a music store and buy a guitar because that’s what it is.

10. Mossy rock or a tropical island? Wait, isn’t every island technically just a mossy rock? Instead of moss though it’s like… trees and pigs and little English boys? Anyways, this was actually a mossy rock and not an island.

11. UFO above a forest or car door? WOW! Another alien sighting! You know, you’d think at least one person on ol’ Uncle Sam’s payroll would fess up that there is intelligent life out there besides us. And when I say besides us, I actually mean everyone but YOU because it looks like I gotcha again! It was a car door!

12. The frosty top of a car or a view of the earth from space? How can flat-earthers exist with such stunning shots as this one? I’ll tell you how, because the earth IS flat and there is a huge, worldwide government conspiracy to cover it up and because this is actually a picture of a frosty car top.

13. Bad video game render or poles in Hawaii when the sun is directly overhead? Gee, the graphics for this video game are… well, they’re not very good at least. Heck, they don’t even have a shadow, which is uncommon for video games but common FOR HAWAII WHEN THE SUN IS DIRECTLY OVERHEAD! Wow, don’t you feel like a silly goose?

14. Tree with grass growing out of it or unicorn? Yes, the majestic tree with grass growing out of it walks through the woods, inspiring all who come upon it. Actually, it’s really… A TREE WITH GRASS GROWING OUT OF IT! Boom, that’s what we in the business call a double fakeout!

15. Concrete or New Delhi? This actually might be one of the few instances on this list where the wackier answer is the right one. No, that’s no concrete you’re looking at, but the actual city of New Delhi in an overhead, bird’s eye view shot. It looks… grey

16. Anteater or panda? Or Anteater with a panda leg? Dr. Moreau has really been busy these days, apparently. Fusing a panda head onto an anteaters leg is really pushing it, Marlon my friend, maybe you should lay off the meds. Or maybe YOU should lay off the meds reader because that’s just an anteater with a weird, panda looking spot.

17. Waves in the ocean or fog? Darn, looks like the seas are fierce and very cartoonish today… remember what they say, red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in the morning the picture is actually of fog!

18. Sunset trapped inside an orb or an opal? Well, that’s interesting, I didn’t know wizards liked to keep sunsets. It’s a real insight into the character of these magic wielders, a side of them I have never seen. Also, you’ve clearly never seen an opal, because that’s what it is! Ooh, burn!

19. Ocean trapped inside an orb or… an opal, again. Oh… uh… hm… er… looks like I can’t do the old opal fake out again, cause clearly you’ve seen one by now. Hey… look at the size of that tiny aquarium? No? Alright, moving on, you win this round reader.

20. Heart of an ice troll or a frozen rock? As I pulled the heart from the creature, it writhed and screamed an ear-piercing wail. Slowly, it’s chest pumped up and down, trying desperately to suck in bits of air to keep itself alive. I leaned down to its ear, whispering one last thing before I sent it to the grave: “it’s actually a frozen rock”.

21. Lizard on a windshield or gigantic lizard tormenting the town? My god! That lizard is pulling the city’s high tension wires down! And look at his purposeful grimace! And that terrible sound! If only he was just a lizard on a windshield! Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is.

22. Trophy or goofy pet sticking its head through the wall? You know, you probably didn’t have to hunt down that little fella, I’m sure a pat on the head and some love would have sufficed. Thank god he can still receive those because I’m happy to report that it wasn’t a trophy, but just a dog being a goof.

23. A car full of coffee shop food or just the reflection? Wow, a traveling pastry place! Now I can eat the doughnuts that have been sitting around all day out of the back of some stranger’s car! Thank god this is only the reflection of a coffee store’s actual wares.

24. Sunken ship or giant fish mouth? We have more understanding about space than our own oceans, or at least so I’ve been told. Is it any wonder that creatures this size and on this scale could exist in the deepest part of the… okay, you already know what’s coming up, let’s move on.

25. House fire or passage to a demonic realm? Believe it or not, this one is actually a passage to a demonic realm. Seriously, I know the guy who owns it, he rents it to couples who want to take a honeymoon to the Realm of Suffering. Honestly, he makes more money than I’m willing to accept. Who knew we humans were so weird? Well, at least one of us is pretty weird.



eZineInsider.com Career: 25 Incredible Pics That Will Make You Look Twice To Understand What You’re Seeing
25 Incredible Pics That Will Make You Look Twice To Understand What You’re Seeing
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